We want more than just "swimming"

Especially at a young age, safety in the water is an important issue. Often, inexperienced swimmers overestimate themselves.
We know that basic swimmin skills are not enough to be a secure swimmer. It is a good start, but not the final aim. We teach children how to safely behave in the water and, most importantly, how to interact safely with others around water. 
One of our goals is to teach the children the different swimming styles gradually and with technical correctness in order to give them more security in the water. We try to teach the children the different facets of swimming as playfully as possible, this also applies to jumps and turns.
In water, the motto is always: Safety first!

We are more than just keen swimmers

Fun is our number one priority. Not only the fun in sport is important to us, but also the fun in the community and the friendships that develop during training.


We organise numerous social activities outside of our training. Two very special highlights are the annual camps in Recke and Mentrup Hagen. These camps are a great opportunity for the children to get to know each other better and to experience many adventures together as a group. Additional activities such as the Easter rally, biscuit baking, the barbecue or an excursion to the Kettlerhof round off the life of the club.


We want all our members and their families to feel welcome. It is important to us that the children develop a sense of community and make new experiences together as a team.

We can do more than just swimming up and down

Every athlete has goals, may they be big or small, far away or almost achieved. We attach great importance to fun in sport and team life, which does not mean that we focus less strongly on competitive sport.


We are always happy when children are keen to try out swimming at competitions. Promoting sport and supporting young athletes in their dreams is always a great pleasure for us.


Those who do not want to go directly towards competitions can also earn all swimming badges with us and thus develop in their own way.

We have more to offer than just sports groups

There are many hobbies, but rarely in a club as diverse as the swimming club. We are proud to be able to count swimming beginners as young as 5 years old among our members, as well as 80-year-olds who have never lost their love for the club.


Certain basic values, e.g. solidarity, community, tolerance, understanding and shared responsibility, are very important to us. We try to exemplify these values to the children during training and spare time activities.

We want to do more than just "finish the race"

Our members are the most important thing in our club. Without our children, youth, adults and seniors, we would not be the group we are today. Our club grows together with its members and develops through them.


We thrive on the collective development, creativity and support of our members and their families. It is important for us that members can help shape and contribute.


There are many ways to get involved. We support our members to become referees, coaches or training supervisors. We encourage young people to get involved creatively and perhaps take on a role on the youth committee, representing children on the board to present their perspective.


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