Training hours (from 01.03.2022)

As of 01.03.2022, the Corona requirements will be relaxed and the municipality of Altenberge will return to "normal operation" in its indoor swimming pool. This means for us that the training and swimming times in the Altenberge indoor swimming pool will change to the times listed below.


Please continue to observe the "Rules for behaviour during training".



Group 1:

For beginners

15:50 pm    Entrance

16:00 pm    Star training

17:00 pm    End of training

17:15 pm     Leaving the indoor pool


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Group 2:

For advanced

16:50 pm     Entrance

17:00 pm     Start training

18:00 pm    End of training

18:15 pm      Leaving the indoor pool


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Group 3:

For professionals and seniors

17:50 pm    Entrance

18:00 pm    Start training

19:00 pm    Endof training

19:15 pm     Leaving indoor the pool


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Group 1:

For beginners

16:50 pm    Entrance

17:00 pm    Start training

18:00 pm    End of training

18:15 pm     Leaving the indoor pool


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Group 2:

For advanced

17:50 pm    Entrance

18:00 pm    Start training

19:00 pm    Endof training

19:15 pm     Leaving the indoor pool


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For professionals

18:50 pm    Entrance

19:00 pm    Start training

20:00 pm    End of training

20:15 pm     Leaving the indoor pool


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Fitness Training (not in the pool)

For all ages

16:50 pm   Entrance

17:00 pm   Start training

18:00 pm   End of training

18:15 pm    Leaving the gym


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Address: Grüner Weg 4a, Altenberge


Football Group

For adults

17:45 pm     Entrance

18:00 pm    Start

19:00 pm    End


Registration by mail at


Open Training - For club members

For adults


Between 7:00 am und 9:00am


Registration and enquiries per mail via

The following regulations apply to the registration for the training:

  • Registrations for the individual training sessions will continue to be made via Xoyondo lists. There you can register with your first and last name for the training sessions that are possible for you. Once the maximum number of participants per track has been reached, further registration is no longer possible.
  • Only swimmers who have registered online in advance can take part in the training. Registrations will be checked at the entrance to the indoor pool.
  • If you are unable to register or make changes (for whatever reason), please contact us ( We will try to take care of it as soon as possible.

If you have any questions, comments or criticism, please contact us ( We will try to implement as much of it as possible. Again, only people who talk about problems (in this case, write) can be supported.



Participation in the training:


  • Entry of the training groups into the indoor pool will be 10 minutes before the start of the training.
  • Before entering the pool, the facilities for hand disinfection are to be used.
  • The instructions of the trainers must be followed at all times.
  • The generally applicable rules of conduct during Corona time are to be observed (e.g. sneezing etiquette, no participation in training with symptoms of a cold, etc.).
  • If children are brought to training, please ensure that they are admitted to the indoor pool before you leave or leave again.
  • In the colder months, please remember to give your children a hat to wear on the way home.

Note: We also have very nice club caps!




Please always bring your swimming glasses and a swimming cap. The water treatment in the Altenberge indoor swimming pool is carried out using the so-called salt electrolysis process. A positive side effect is that the water is better tolerated by swimmers with skin problems.


However, if you stay under water for a long time, as is the case with swimming, eye irritation can still occur. And good vision is necessary, for example, when turning. So the glasses are very important. Make sure they fit well and are durable; the trainers will be happy to give you tips.



If you have longer hair, a swimming cap should also be considered, because you cannot learn the different swimming styles if your hair is constantly hanging in your face. This is especially true for freestyle swimming. Last but not least, a swimming cap will improve your scores. You can purchase a club swimming cap from Irmy Wiesker for a fee of EUR 4,00.




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